What's for Lunch?

Shirley, a skateboarding mouse, is the charming star of this short piece adapted from the book by John Schindel.



Tiger's Stew and The Moss-Covered Rock, Anansi tales from West Africa, feature the trickster Anansi, a cunning spider.

Happy Birthday to Me

Written by Mary Amato, this was one of our most popular shows. It stars Baby on his first birthday, and the mayhem that follows as he spies his cake just out of reach.

The Monkey and the Crocodile

A 2000 year-old tale from India follows the adventures of the monkey who is offered a ride by the hungry crocodile to the other side of the river -- where, the crocodile assures the monkey, the mangoes are much juicier. 

One Candy too Many 

A cautionary tale performed for Halloween about the ill-fated greedy trick-or-treater who takes too much candy.

The Old Lady and the Vinegar Bottle

There's no pleasing some people, in this unusual and little-known traditional tale from England. 

The Hobyah

This gruesome traditional tale from England was our first professional gig for adults. We talked our husbands, Ivan Amato and Bob Hersh, into joining us and performed The Hobyah at the Black Cat in Washington, a Washington DC nightclub. 

The Adventures of Isabel

"Isabel, Isabel met a bear, Isabel, Isabel didn't care....

...The giant was hairy, the giant was horrid,

 he had one eye in the middle of his forehead."

Our adaptation of the poem by Ogden Nash.

Lazy Jack

A British folktale considers the perils of following directions too closely and how, in a surprising turn of events, even the lazy can triumph.

The Good Luck Pot

Two of everything is not necessarily a good thing, in this traditional folktale from China.  Adapted from the book "Two of Everything" by Lily Hong.


An exploration of light, color, and multidimensional shadows that brought Gelman to life.

The Old Wife and the Ghost

"There was an old wife and she lived all alone

In a cottage not far from Hitchin;

And one bright night, by the full moon light,

Comes a ghost right into her kitchen..."

Based on the poem by James Reeves


The Billy Goats Gruff

An interactive show for children, in which the grass is indeed always greener on the other side - if you can get there.

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