Firefly Shadow Theater has undertaken special projects using shadow puppets to present current issues in an engaging and original way. 

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Andrea Caspari's design of the book cover for "Thinking Through Resistance: A Study of Public Oppositions to Contemporary Global Health Practice", Nicola Bulled ed., Routledge, NY 2017.

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"Imagining Urban Resilience", a 2015 power point presentation using shadow puppet images,* for ISET (The Institute for Social and Environmental Transition), as part of the Rockefeller Foundation's pioneering work on resilient cities in the face of climate change.



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"My Revolutionary Dream Toilet", a 2013 performance at the Engineering, Social Justice and Peace Conference at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York , explores the complexities of life for the one billion people in the world who live in shacks with little or no sanitation. The narrator is Armitage Shanks, a talking toilet. Based on the experiences and research of Scott Jiusto and Bob Hersh of Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts, in Cape Town, South Africa.